What am I covered against?

In the unlikely event of a problem occurring, for example bubbling, peeling or cracking of your vinyl.Your vehicle wrap is warrantied by The Vehicle Wrapping Company for a period of 3 years. We only use premier materials from 3M, Avery Dennison and Hexis, all of which if cared for correctly have a 5-7 year lifespan.


Care Guidelines

So first things first, DO NOT wash your car at all during the first week. Thereafter the best way to wash your vehicle is by hand with a soft, non-abrasive cloth using a pH neutral shampoos (solvent and alcohol free), and after a complete rinse, let the vehicle air dry. Simple hot soap and water hand wash.

Jet Washes need to be used with caution and for rinsing purposes only, they are very powerful and if used with a lack of care can catch an edge of the vinyl and cause it to lift. During Winter months especially when the vinyl is at its most fragile and brittle due to the cold conditions!

Drive through car washes are also highly not recommended! Even the hand car washes please take care and check which methods and chemicals are being used to clean your vehicle.

Stubborn marks can be safely removed with mineral spirits.

We recommend using the wrap care products we supply in store for best long life results.


Making a claim

Should your vehicle graphics become damaged, through accident, abuse or vandalism, we can assist you in obtaining replacement graphics. There will be a charge for the replacement items.

In situations like this, we recommend that the entire side or rear of the vehicle wrap be replaced to provide a good colour match, and keep your advertising looking good, especially if a printed wrap has been used. If a standard colour change vinyl has been used, just the damaged panels will need to be replaced.

We can replace a component of the wrap, (called a panel); but if only the panel is replaced, its colour may be slightly different than the ‘older’ wrapped parts due to normal weathering and ink variation.

If your wrap has failed in any way by either bubbling, peeling or cracking we can replace this straight away or fix the faulty areas.We may ask for proof of failure by either a photo or recommend you come in to see us about the issue, so we may fully assess the situation and advise accordingly.

The Vehicle Wrapping Company reserves the right  to refuse replacement of a failure if deemed to be a result of care instructions not being adhered too correctly. In which case the replacement part will be replaced at a standard cost.

And finally, thanks for choosing The Vehicle Wrapping Company