The Vehicle Wrapping Company Difference

Here at The Vehicle Wrapping Company we are a certified installer of XPEL Paint Protection Film and offer warranted installs that is vital to keep your car 

protected keeping your paint in new condition. 

The film is designed and pre-cut to precision using XPEL'S DAP Software for each specific panel, this ensures that there is no need for cutting on the vehicle 

what so ever and leaves flawless & virtually invisible finish. We also edit our templates to ensure maximum coverage when we feel the standard templates could be improved, it allows us to achieve a more flawless and invisible finish 

by wrapping around as many edges as possible

We can also combine XPEL Ultimate and XPEL Stealth films to protect all areas 

of the vehicle and keep it's original look

What's The Benefits?

• Protection From Stones, Debris, Bugs, Bird Droppings, Light Scratches and Swirls

• Self Healing From Light Scratches and Swirls

• Visibly Optically Clear

High Gloss Swirl Free Finish

• Keeps The Original Factory Paintwork Pristine

Maintains A Higher Resale Value

Our Packages

We offer 3 main packages which we feel protect the most vital area's depending on the budget your looking to spend.

However with us able to produce the templated panels ourselves we can also tailor make a package to any specific areas you would like to protect

Front End Protection Package

From £1250+vat

Front Bumper, Full Bonnet, Front Wings, Headlights

Extended Front Protection Package

From £1500+vat

Front Bumper, Full Bonnet, Front Wings, Headlights, Side Skirts, Rear Arches, A-Posts, Front Roof Edge, Mirrors


Full Coverage

From £3500+vat

All Painted Surfaces inc All Carbon And Headlights

Custom Protection Package

From £100+vat

Any Areas You Wish To Protect