The Vehicle Wrapping Company fit the next generation in vinyl in the form of a wall wrap. Whether it be a flat wall or on bricks, a high tack, highly conformable printable vinyl can be applied to any wall surface giving a high-quality image looking like it’s painted on.

Make your plain office walls or outside brick wall something different, full of colour and bring life to the area. From your logo to New York’s cityscape, we’ll create it.

There are many different variations of ContraVision designed to satisfy different customer needs. In its most common form, ContraVision is applied to windows as a self-adhesive film. A graphic is printed on one side using a perforated hole, dot or line print pattern, with gaps in between keeping up to fifty percent of the surface as see-through. The graphic is not seen from the other side because a layer of black is used to completely obscure the ink pattern, but not the areas of see-through.

Flat Walls:

• From £35 per square meter

+ Artwork Charge

Brick Walls:

• From £75 per square meter

+ Artwork Charge


Contravision transforms glass surfaces, enabling graphics and advertising messages to be visible from one side but not the other side, which remains see-through. In effect can turn any area of glass into an advertising or promotional opportunity. A self-adhesive micro-perforated film that can be printed with any image or logo.


• From £50 per square meter

• + Artwork Charge